Outstanding Support for your MAT or group of schools

As the UK's leading School Improvement Company, we work with Multi-Academy TrustsTeaching Schools, Federations and groups of schools to improve the quality of children's education across a wider educational platform. This moral purpose drives us: we always hold the children at the heart of everything we do.

Our team of expert leadership consultants are ideally placed to support your MAT / group development objectives, as well as meeting the needs of each individual setting within the MAT / group. With practical, energetic, impactful CPD training courses, INSET days and consultancy, you will see real, sustainable change in your academies – and across your MAT / group of schools as a whole.

Outsourcing, School Improvement and Economies of Scale

One of the initial drivers to move into the academies programme was to benefit from economies of scale, and therefore to maximise the financial efficiency of your MAT as an organisation.  Even beyond the academy structure, many groups of schools and Teaching School settings are seeing that benefits can be gained by sourcing support and training collectively.

In addition, the aim was for MATs to self-regulate and self-improve - and for Teaching Schools to ensure high-quality training and support for all their schools.  This has proven more difficult for some MATs and TSAs than others, as establishing a team of supportive, experienced senior leaders to both support and develop individual academies and the team as a whole can be tricky – especially in the case of MATs, as they don’t want to dilute the strong leadership of their individual academies.

By outsourcing your school support / school improvement to TT Education – twice the winners of the ‘School Improvement Provider of the Year’ award – your academy trust / group of schools will benefit in the following ways:

  • A team of expert educators, leaders, consultants and trainers at your disposal; with specialisms and experience where you need it most
  • A UK-wide team, giving us local knowledge paired with international and national experience – giving you the best of both worlds; wide experience with local understanding
  • Subject-specific experts across the primary, secondary and special education platforms; so no matter what the ‘shape’ of your MAT, we can support your individual academies as well as the MAT as a whole
  • A team that has worked alongside inspectors, CEOs and MATs, EHTs and TSAs across the UK – giving us unparalleled experience in what it takes to make a MAT / group grow whilst developing a consistently strong ‘journey towards excellence’ for each setting and the MAT / group as a whole.
  • A suite of online support and resources – so all your staff can access the same training, at the same time – even if they’re in different places in the country!

Maintaining MAT identity, whilst accessing excellent training and support

One of the key benefits we’ve been able to offer to MATs in the past is what is called ‘white labelling’.  It’s very important for your MAT to access high-quality training and support, but it’s equally important for your staff and leaders to see that it’s still “your MAT” (or "your Teaching School") – thus reinforcing the culture and your educational philosophy.  To achieve this, we can put together our training, support and consultancy resources – but labelled using the corporate colour schemes, logos and imagery of your MAT.

The key benefit? There’s no confusion over who is supporting each academy / school, no misunderstanding over whose idea or perspective an approach is generated by; it’s your MAT and how you want it to grow.

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MAT Personalised packages

All of our support is bespoke – and supporting MATs is no exception.  We have a strong track record of supporting MATs that are; all primary, primary / secondary / special education mixed, three-school MATs, 40-school MATS (or even specific parts of a MAT).  We have provided keynote speakers at MAT conferences, led leadership training programmes across large TSAs, and - overall - focused on providing excellent training and support; tailored to settings, highly professional quality, while ensuring financial efficiencies.  What has become increasingly clear is this:

Whatever we do, wherever we do it, the leadership teams of the individual academies – and their senior teams for the whole MAT – respond to our training, consultancy and support very very positively. We have been able to maintain our ‘at least 90% “Excellent”’ feedback track record with MATs across the UK – something we are very proud of, all supported by our driving moral purpose:  “Children at the heart of everything we do”.

What does this look like in practice?

Each academy within your MAT will receive:

  • A named school improvement partner
  • A bespoke plan for improvement – pertinent to each academy’s stage of development
  • A tailored plan of support for each academy’s teams and individual staff
  • Opportunities for us to speak / present at MAT-wide events and conferences
  • A full plan for reviewing impact and regular reporting on progress to date
  • An option to adopt School CPD Tracker as a MAT-wide accountability and performance improvement system, supported by TT Education experience and excellence.

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